Landing Parrot AR Drone 2.0 ULTIMATE FLEXIBLE Landing Gear foot drone update

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New THE ULTIMATE DRONE FLEX !!! The ready to fit Landing Schock fit directly to the legs of the AR.Drone. Stand up Help to rise over the lawn ore ground clearance. This landing gear absorbs the shock of rougher landings and spreads the forces onto a point nearer to the middle of the cross.will absorb the impact adding more protection and preventing less damage to your AR.Drone on impact !!!! It can be installed and removed completely without any changes to the drone itself. Easy to fit and remove when necessary. This is a ULTIMATE landing gear !! DroneFLEX is design for Parrot Ar Drone 2 version is Lightweight , Durable, Unbreakable, does require no spring, no tie rap , no screw, no Bolt , or whatever you want !!! this is a Suspension Flexing to protect your drone and your drone and you can insert in your original box by compressing a drone without changing or removing anything to be !!! This kit will add the height and rise a 2.20″ Help to rise over the lawn ore ground clearance ! Installs in just a few second !!! And remove 5 second , no need Hardware ! no bolt ! no screw ! no spring ! no o-ring! and is Unbreakable !! and what about eagle Head design just wow !!!!! No warranty off your drone any kind is stated or implied . TOTAL WEIGHT : 32 g Features: 4x Landing Gears Schock ( UNBREAKABLE )!! Warning : ( DOES NOT INCLUDE PARROT AR DRONE OR ANY PARROTS PARTS ) This item have a copyright : thekkiinngg DEP635272436416022276 CA ©3d printing

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