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Speedy Prop Balancer w/ Balancing Rod for DJI Phantom 4

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The PB-1 is a precision instrument designed specifically for the DJI Phantom® brand 8″ and 9″ props (for Phantom 4) and includes the Prop Balancer Base and the Balance Rod.  It was conceived, designed and produced by brothers Joe and Speedy Peacock .  Both avid DJI Phantom pilots, they were dissatisfied with other balancing devices on the market that tend to give ambiguous results ending in a “compromise” or “that is good enough”.  This balancer only has two friction points compared with up to 8 friction points on popular, competing prop balancers. Their pursuit for repeatable results went on for months and many prototypes before finalizing the PB-Phantom4 as THE solution to propeller vibration reduction.  Prop Balancer Rod included! This product is made in the USA.Minimizes Prop Vibration

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