fbpxViaHeroeS Drone Strap - World's Best and FIRST INNOVATED Strap for DJI Phantom I, II,III and Similar Shape Drones - Drone Kits for Sale

ViaHeroeS Drone Strap – World’s Best and FIRST INNOVATED Strap for DJI Phantom I, II,III and Similar Shape Drones

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Please visit our store front for other DRONE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES. ZORROO have various drone accessories except drone strap. You will be the first one to experience drone strap because limited Quantity . Sometimes drone backpack is too big and inconvenient for quick aerial photographers. That is the reason we created this innovative light carrying part for Drones. This drone strap can satisfy drone users. Users can wear this drone strap for the short or long trip by carrying complete drone accessories and Parts. Easy to wear and disassemble. Specifications of drone strap: The drone strap is only 551 g, ( 19,4 oz) with Black Color . It is 38*25cm. This is about one half of the weight of the drone backpack. Material: Neoprene,high quality Durable Nylon strap,high elastic polyester fibre,PC buckle,TPU buckle. Applies ergonomic design for wearable kit,comfortable and stable for wearing, can assemble on a drone(with battery), a specific battery jockey position, 4pcs paddle specific jockey position, remote controller strap. Simple and quick wearing, convenience for long and short photography trip. Within 1680D nylon fabric, high protective Pad cotton, Active holder, EVA cover. Solid,durable,high elastic,never fade color and waterproof drone strap guarantee best using experience. This drone strap is the world’s lightest and unique strap for carrying drone.ViaHeroeS Drone Strap – World’s Best and first INNOVATED Strap for Photography

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