EJH Precision Prop Balancer DJI Inspire QR 1345T

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EJH Precision Prop Balancer Part No. DJI-QR1345T works in conjunction with the DJI Inspire Quick Release 1345T props & matching hubs. NOTE: Listing is for one prop balancer with protective case. Propellers & Hubs are NOT included and are only shown for display purposes. How to Use: Grooved tip end is to be used for DJI Inspire QR 1345T red marked cw rotation prop & hub. Non-Grooved tip is to be used for DJI Inspire QR 1345T white marked ccw rotation prop & hub. Gently twist and press prop balancer tip into hub. To remove twist and pull apart. Please do not use around ceiling fans and air conditioner vents as could impact readings. It is not necessary but for most accurate balancing we recommend balancing the prop and hub that will be used together while flying. Balancing Tips: Balancing your props is an essential part of the operation and function of your drone. Props should to be perfectly balanced in order to keep from vibrating the craft apart. Vibration from unbalanced props can cause screws and electrical wiring to come loose as well as signal loss causing costly damage to your drone. Prop Balancing should be a standard practice as environmental factors from flight can cause a discrepancy. Elements such as dust, dirt, sand or grass can cause prop wear. Even new props straight from factory can be unbalanced. Balanced props will make for a smoother flight, clearer video imaging and save on maintenance costs down the road. Through much research and product development, our unique design offers a self-centered precision instrument for a more accurate balance compared to the thicker circumference shaft prop balancer alternatives. See our other self-centering models to fit a variety of different drones. Buy with confidence please read our feedback. Contact us with any questions prior to purchase. Visit us at www.ejhdrones.comShafts are 3mm dia. precision ground tool steel.0005 tolerance and heat treated to 57 rockwell hardness after cutting. Small precision ground rod creates lower resistance than the larger shafts making it even more sensitive to the slightest touch.

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