Landing Gear Black: Dromida Vista, Ominus, Ominus FPV

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RPM Landing Gear for the Dromida Vista and Ominus replace the motor cover and rubber foot with a solidly mounted, curved spring made from engineering grade, ultra-lightweight nylons. The curved spring adds impact-absorption to the airframe, helping to reduce or eliminate damage from those questionable landings. The Landing Gear also elevates these quads by an additional 0.63 (16mm) on the Ominus, 0.26 (6.5mm) on the Ominus FPV and 0.55 (14mm) on the Vista and Vista FPV, reducing the probability of a blade strike in grass or during bad landings. RPM Landing gear also spreads the center point of each leg further out by 0.36 (9mm) on each leg, adding much needed stability to take-offs and landings. The curved ends are less likely to catch or hook when one leg is grounded and the other three airborne. The entire set-up adds as little as 2.4 grams to the total weight of the quad, causing minimal to no performance effects to overall battery life or flight characteristics.Dromida Vista, Ominus & Ominus

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